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Abzu was born from a desire to challenge the fundamental assumptions of contemporary AI, believing that the future of AI lies in the more lifelike simulation of self-organizing systems. Abzu’s pioneering machine learning technology is inspired by quantum mechanics and neural networks, resulting in a transparent and trustworthy AI. Founded in February 2018, Abzu is an applied research startup with offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain.
Production and sale of medical lasers for treatment of skin diseases such as wrinkles and vascular lesions. The laser technology has half the total cost-of-ownership for hospitals and clinics compared to the existing dye laser technology. The radical cost reduction for lasers in this specific space will allow more patients suffering from skin disorders to receive laser treatments. Advalight is ISO13485 certified.
AGROINTELLI is an agricultural company within the agri-plant domain, developing new technical solutions within sensor, automotion and robotics.
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Airofit is a Danish developed training system, tailored to athletes who expect more from their performance. The original device was created for asthma and COPD patients. Since then, the breathing trainer has been developed to improve the breathing of athletes and be a tool to assist the athlete in his or her ambition for greatness.
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Airtame produces an HDMI hardware product of the same name. This wireless presentation solution has been chosen by more than 18,000 businesses and educational institutions all over the world. The Airtame 2 allows presenters to share their screen wirelessly, from a computer or mobile device to a TV, projector or monitor. Our SaaS⁠—Airtame Cloud⁠—is an accompaniment that offers device management and customizable digital signage. With offices in Copenhagen, New York City, LA and Budapest, our success is built on a diverse, international team. We offer career opportunities ranging from highly technical to highly artistic. Our mission is to become the most loved wireless solution for collaborative workspaces and classrooms. We want to create a better environment for learning, sharing and creating.
ALGIECEL transforms CO2 emissions and LED light into microalgae biomass and oxygen. The company has developed a plug & play photobioreactor that can be stacked and packed as it fits into standard shipping containers. The reactor is easily installable and requires little technical know-how from small and mid-size industrial clients.
AllUnite is free and fast internet for everybody everywhere. Advertising on internet networks will change marketing forever. By giving the physical shop, restaurant, cafe, shopping mall or entertainment area the opportunity to advertise for their nearby customers AllUnite is the glue of the global free and fast internet.
Antag Therapeutics is based on years of collaborative research from the University of Copenhagen with the focus on novel treatments for dietary-related metabolic diseases. The research teams of professors Mette M. Rosenkilde and Jens J. Holst have discovered naturally occurring therapeutic peptides that are being investigated in several human studies.
We challenge the traditional way of looking at online payments. Placing greater emphasis on an honest and fair product for the consumer. Let your customers divide their payments into 4 equal installments without hidden fees and interest.
At Area9, we have devoted more than 20 years to the relentless pursuit of understanding how people think and learn – and how to improve it. Two decades of research have focused on human factors, learning, product development, content development and computer science.
Beyond Leather is the B2B supplier of Leap, the sustainable leather alternative made from leftover apples. We upcycle the apple waste of the juice and cider industry to create Leap with an 85% bio-based composition and with focus a on recyclability by design. Thanks to its energy-efficient production, Leap can be produced in only one day using 99% less water and emitting 85% less CO2 than traditional leather production, without the use of animals or harmful tanning substances. The result is a beautiful, leather-like material with a supple handle. Leap will be commercially available in 2022.
Billetto is a forward thinking ticketing platform and events community of more than 3 million members across Europe. We're seeking to disrupt the old guard of ticketing by reducing fees, introducing innovative tech, integrating social media, and engaging users with beautiful design. We offer free & smart self-service ticketing solutions that provides over 300,000 events with a plug-and-play ticketshop that enables event organisers to sell tickets and promote events online, though mobile phones and on social media. Our web and mobile ecosystem operates as an events community, where people can discover and plan events with their friends. It provides real-time sales statistics and contact details of customers which can be used to connect more meaningfully with audiences and promote future events. Our mission is simple: Make people go out more.